Romantic Horizons® is a division of Insite Horizons, LLC (formerly Ascent Horizons, LLC).   We are an expanding website featuring products to help set the mood for romance and passion and to enhance the thrill of romantic encounters.  

The Romantic Horizons name is a Registered Trademark (See Details) a registered to Iscent Horizons.

Romantic Gifts featured are Games for Couples and Romance Kits, Thongs and  Lingerie , the Bracli Pearl thong Massage oils and Accessories and a special Gift Idea section.

Our first priority is the customer.  We are continually focused on bring you the finest products and providing the best service.  If you don't see it here, let us know and we will try to get it.

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We welcome comments and suggestions and yes, even problems all of which will help us serve you better.

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